API Registration

Application for Registration

Africa Region: E: marketingza@cimso.com T: +27 21 852 2388 UTC+2hrs
Asia Region: E: marketingsg@cimso.com T: +65 6604 7245 UTC+8hrs

CiMSO INNterchange provides data exchange between 3rd party applications or devices and the CiMSO ERP suite. The INNterchange application provider interface (API) is available free of charge to registered developers.

Registration is a 4 step process:

  1. Complete your Application
  2. Sign the Non-disclosure Agreement
  3. Submit the Application for approval
  4. Download the API.

Once an interface is completed you may submit it to CiMSO for testing and Certification. Certified interfaces are licensed by CiMSO and published in our Newsletters.

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